Yokosuka Travel Guide


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Access to Yokosuka from major airports “Haneda Airport” and “Narita International Airport” can be easily made by train or expressway bus. It takes about 60~80 minutes from Haneda Airport, depending on modes of transportation. It takes about 2 hours from Narita International Airport. Choose an optimum mode of transportation of your choice depending on a fare or a period of time when you take it.

*No direct bus service to Yokosuka is available. So, when using an expressway bus, you need to take a train from a railroad station where the bus arrives.


This is the basic information that enables visitors to go where they want to go freely in Yokosuka. Useful information in Yokosuka, such as how to make a tour of the city and how to access the Internet, is offered. To enjoy Yokosuka without any worry, please use the information contained here when you plan a trip to Yokosuka and visit the city.


If you walk around Yokosuka, you will find how fascinating the city is when viewed from a different perspective. Against the backdrop of contrast between the sea and the greenery, you can refresh your mind and body in abundant and beautiful nature and get excited about the experience of activities. You may visit ancient temples to feel some nostalgia while thinking about the preciousness of woven time and history. A warm relationship, which has been nurtured in the land where the pristine nature and many historical and cultural heritages coexist, and the townscape that stirs up some kind of nostalgia, are part of the charms of the city.