Yokosuka Travel Guide


Area guides

Yokosuka is roughly divided into four areas: the Central area, the largest downtown in the city, the North area, the East area, and the West area. Each area has a lot of must-see sights unique to Yokosuka.

North area

Extending around Nagaura Port, the North area has many historic spots, such as modernization heritages, including the former navy facilities that date back to the Meiji era as well as temples and shrines. With spectacular cherry and plum blossom viewing sights, the area has a lot to offer to visitors.

East area

This fascinating area includes Kurihama and Uraga, historic places closely related to the opening of Japan to the world, and is dotted with art museums, hotels, and warm bath facilities on the leafy hill facing the sea. Kannonzaki, a place where there is Kannonzaki Lighthouse, Japan’s first Western-style lighthouse, is one of the must-see sights.

Central area

In this area that is the central district of Yokosuka, you can directly feel the history of Yokosuka that has developed as a naval port. The area is the center of Yokosuka culture, as exemplified by international cuisines like Indian, Chinese, or Italian food and clubs with live music. This area also offers a dock for the ferry bound for Sarushima Island, the only uninhabited island in Tokyo Bay.

West area

Facing Sagami Bay, the western part of Yokosuka abounds in rich natural beauty with Mt. Ogusu lying on the area. The coastline extending to the Shonan area is popular as a spot with a great view of the sunset and Mt. Fuji.